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How Old Is The Father?

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File Name: How Old Is The Father?
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Their ages add up to 55, and the father's age is the digits of the son's age reversed. How old is the father? Riddle source Dad joke source Subscribe: Send me suggestions by email (address in video). I consider all ideas though can't always reply! Why are some comments before the video is published? Get early access and support the channel on Patreon If you buy from the links below I may receive a commission for sales. This has no effect on the price for you. Show your support! Get a mug, a t-shirt, and more at Teespring, the official site for Mind Your Decisions merchandise: My Books Mind Your Decisions: Five Book Compilation A collection of 5 books: "The Joy of Game Theory" rated 4.1/5 stars on 44 reviews "The Irrationality Illusion: How To Make Smart Decisions And Overcome Bias" rated 3.5/5 stars on 4 reviews "40 Paradoxes in Logic, Probability, and Game Theory" rated 4.4/5 stars on 13 reviews "The Best Mental Math Tricks" rated 4.7/5 stars on 8 reviews "Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines" rated 4.3/5 stars on 6 reviews Mind Your Puzzles: Collection Of Volumes 1 To 3 A collection of 3 books: "Math Puzzles Volume 1" rated 4.4/5 stars on 13 reviews "Math Puzzles Volume 2" rated 4.5/5 stars on 6 reviews "Math Puzzles Volume 3" rated 4.1/5 stars on 7 reviews Connect with me My Blog: Twitter: Newsletter (sent only for big news, like a new book release): 2017 Shorty Awards Nominee. Mind Your Decisions was nominated in the STEM category (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) along with eventual winner Bill Nye; finalists Adam Savage, Dr. Sandra Lee, Simone Giertz, Tim Peake, Unbox Therapy; and other nominees Elon Musk, Gizmoslip, Hope Jahren, Life Noggin, and Nerdwriter.